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Original-language version of "to kiss a forehead is to erase worry."

  • Identical phrases are underlined
  • Rough word-by-word translations are underneath each stanza

В* лоб целовать — заботу стереть.
В лоб целую.

   V lob tselovat' — zabotu steret'.
   V lob tseluyu.

Forehead kiss – worry erase.
(Your) forehead (I) kiss.

В глаза целовать — бессонницу снять.
В глаза целую.

   V glaza tselovat' — bessonnitsu snyat'.
   V glaza tselooyu.

Eyes kiss – sleeplessness remove.
(Your) eyes (I) kiss.

В губы целовать — водой напоить.
В губы целую.

   V gubih tselovat' — vodoi napoit'.
   V gubih tselooyu.

Lips kiss – water give (to you) to drink.
(Your) lips (I) kiss.

В лоб целовать — память стереть.
В лоб целую.

   V lob tselovat' — pamyat' steret'.
   V lob tselooyu.

Forehead kiss – memory erase.
(Your) forehead (I) kiss.

*The first word, "В," is a preposition that pairs with certain verbs and roughly means "to." However, in English, verbs such as "kiss" do not require prepositions to connect to objects.

Source: «Мир Марины Цветаевой» (The World of Marina Tsvetaeva), wikiru