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Growing up Basque: Meet Kirmen Uribe

Posted on January 05, 2020

Basque author Kirmen Uribe. By Xabier Cañas. CC 4.0 license.

What is like to grow up in Basque Country, an autonomous, culturally unique region within Spain where people speak one of the world's oldest languages? In an interview with Words Without Borders, Kirmen Uribe, an award-winning author now living and teaching in New York, remembers: 

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Educators' Voices: Teaching the Global "YouTube Generation"

Posted on December 04, 2019

"For good or bad, they are going to change the world." So says online learning expert John Vivolo of the students coming of age today, with access to an array of free online content---from Open Educational Resources to videos to freeware. As Director of Online Education at the Katz School of Yeshiva University, Vivolo oversees all the school's online education programming, and he has been involved in the growth and improvement of online learning for more than fifteen years. 

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