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Join us on "The Park Bench": Monday the 20th, 1 pm EST

Posted on April 15, 2020

Coming to today's lunch? Here's the dialogue we'll be reading (italics added to mark the narrator, some edits for space): 

“Ah, you’re from Thailand!”—that was Yann.

“No, you idiot, if I was from Thailand, I would have said Thailand. Just because it starts with the same letter doesn’t make it the same country!”

“Oh yeah, like ‘Made in Taiwan’!”

“They used to make cheap stuff there in the nineties. Now they specialize in electronic components.” That was Mehdi, our very own geek . . . 


“Yeah, it’s Chinese, right?”

“It's the rebel island!”

That was Bobo. Not bad, geographically speaking. But politically—well, that’s another story. . . .banc

A bench in a Parisian park. By M_Max. License: CC BY 2.0.
What are you doing for lunch this Monday? If you don't already have plans, please join Words Without Borders, our partners at Re-imagining Migration, and globally-committed educators from around the country for an online Global Lunch

At these lunches, we meet on Zoom and talk about new, relevant global literature that deals with issues of migration and immigration. This Monday, April 20th, at 1 pm EST, we'll be discussing Sandrine Kao's engaging short story "The Park Bench," in which a Chinese boy faces bullies, makes a new friend and wonders where to eat lunch -- on his usual park bench?   

After our April 6th #LunchGlobally chat, educators commented: 
  • "I really enjoyed the feeling of community and was encouraged by the enthusiasm for the content." 
  • "The poem really activates the imagination and questions, and your approach to teaching is so substantive." 
  • "Can't wait for another WWB thought-provoking lunch!"  

If you have questions or would like additional details, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Register at this link:

We look forward to the chance to meet soon