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Inspire Students with a Writing Competition from Korea

Posted on January 19, 2019


Yi Mun-yol, one of the authors featured in the competition. By Union Verlag.

Are you interested in introducing your students to Korea's rich cultural and literary traditions? An upcoming literary competition provides the perfect opportunity. 

The 2019 Sejong writing competition has four different age-based categories, (including a new under-30 section), each offering significant monetary prizes. Participants are asked to respond creatively to short literary works by the groundbreaking contemporary authors Pyun Hye-young and Yi Mun-yol (both of whom have been featured in the New Yorker), as well as to folktales and traditional poems. Full texts of all the literary works are available on the Sejong website. The deadline is March 31

This contest is the result of a collaboration between the Sejong Cultural Society, the Korea Institute, Harvard University, and the Korean Literary Translation Institute. If you decide to participate, please do let us know