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Thankful for Globally-Minded Students and Teachers

Posted on November 27, 2019

Cornucopia. Wildflowers in a field.
"Cornucopia," an image of wildflowers in a field. By Daniel Sutton.

With an eye towards tomorrow's Thanksgiving festivities, WWB Campus would like to thank all the teachers and students who read and think across borders. This month alone: 

  • In Topeka, Kansas, high school seniors launched independent research projects into global literature using Words Without Borders
  • In Westport, Connecticut, students in a school's first-ever World Literature class reflected on what it means to "leave comparisons at the door" while reading work from Egypt
  • And in Brooklyn, New York, English Language Learner Willy Yax won statewide recognition for a story inspired by Chinese graphic fiction. His story's title? "Don't be scared of who you are." 

We are also very grateful for these students' teachers: Heather Fuller, Ann Neary, and Leighton Suen---and to the Sumner Scholarship Foundation for supporting this work. (If you're a teacher interested in joining a network of globally-minded educators, get in touch at [email protected].)

To our colleagues in the US: Happy Thanksgiving!

And to all our colleagues everywhere, from Hungary to the Rockies to the Philippines: Thank you for bringing the world to your students.