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WWB Partners with to Bring Eye-Opening Work to New Readers!

Posted on September 28, 2018

Yellow mustard flowers
Yellow mustard flowers. By Andrew Rollinger.

A few weeks ago, WWB launched an exciting new partnership with the American Academy of Poets, sharing contemporary world poetry  on the website This week, the site's award-winning "Teach This Poem" blog features suggestions for introducing a poem from Punjabi author Ajmer Rode poem to students. Entitled "Mustard Flowers," the poem begins: 

If you see an old man sitting alone
at the bus stop and wonder who he is 
I can tell you. 
He is my father.

You might "Teach This Poem" alongside other works about fathers from a different country, China (Scroll down the right-hand side for the "Fathers" theme.) 

For more WWB poets on, take a look at this sampler of poems, with work from Amarjit ChandanNavtej BharatiYao FengAgnes Lam, and Nhã Thuyên