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We Have a Winner!

Posted on July 19, 2017

Thanks to everyone who registered on the site and was automatically entered into our summer raffle! The winner is Rebecca Berg, of Denver, Colorado, who selected the WWB anthology Tablet and Pen as her prize.

Rebecca Berg teaches writing and literature at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver. Her fiction has appeared in the Five Fingers Review, the Four Way Review, the Still Point Arts Quarterly, the Water~Stone Review, and Word Riot. She also has three novels in the drawer. The first was a finalist in the James Jones First Novel Contest in 2001, the second won the 2008 Dana Award, and the third was the runner-up for the 2016 Juniper Prize. She has a PhD in English Literature, and has adjuncted and worked as a freelance editor for many years. These days, she also moonlights as a cello teacher.

She found WWB Campus while researching W.G. Sebald's influence on contemporary fiction writing in the magazine WWB, for a course she's currently teaching on Sebald's Austerlitz. (If you happen to be teaching The Emigrants, also by Sebald, the Russian short story "The Bed" could be an interesting companion text; see links and suggestions in the Teaching Ideas.) 

"I often have a sense," she writes, "that I'm reading, writing, teaching, and striving in a U.S. bubble. The walls that limit my work stylistically and morally can be hard to spot. If I want to step through, which way do I turn? I expect WWB Campus will inspire many reading and teaching ideas in the years to come."

We will be holding other raffles in the future; in the meantime, check out Carmen Boullosa's poem "Sleepless Homeland," which begins, "Did we lose you in a game of dice?" (Nadia Kalman will be presenting the poem and teaching tools at the National Council of Teachers of English's Whole Language Institute in Tucson this Saturday.)