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New Writing from Colombia

Posted on September 25, 2017

"For you to remember, my star, that some things do still shine.” In an excerpt from the novel An Orphan World, Giuseppe Caputo depicts a father and son's loving relationship amidst poverty and violence. If you teach students from South or Central America, or if your students are wondering about immigration from that region, this story will be of particular interest.

The excerpt is quite long, but students can get a sense of the novel from the first section alone if the class is pressed for time. To launch the story, you might have students brainstorm their associations with the title. After reading, students might discuss or write in response to the question, "What are the things that still shine?"

For literary and political context, take a look at editor Eric Becker's essay, "A Different Solitude," also in the September issue. Among other issues, the essay discusses the country's decades-long war, and attempts to make peace, with the FARC, Columbia's largest guerrilla group.

To discuss this story, or other literature in the September issue, like the wonderfully titled, humorous and insightful "I Never Wanted to Sock You in the Face, Javier," visit us on Facebook.