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Pilot WWB Campus this spring!

Posted on January 15, 2016

Are you a teacher of English, world literature, global history, or a related subject? Do you enjoy international literature, and want to use it in your classroom? Sign up to be part of a new round of pilots for Words Without Borders Campus, WWB's online education initiative.

Words Without Borders Campus presents exciting texts from WWB's monthly magazine, organized by country and by theme; alongside each piece of literature are multimedia contextual materials, resources for further exploration, and ideas for lesson plans. To date, WWB Campus features units of literature from Egypt, China, and Mexico; units on literature from Japan and Russia are planned for 2016. Our goal—with the help and invaluable feedback of educators and students —is to create opportunites for students to engage with the thousands of rich global texts in the WWB archives, fostering deep cross-cultural understanding and stimulating lasting interest and passion for international literature.

Participants in the pilots will teach one or more of the many poems, stories, or essays on the site and provide feedback in surveys and an online forum. To allow participants a large window of time for participation, pilots will begin in early February and end in late April. If you are a secondary or college-level educator who might be interested in taking part in the spring 2016 round of pilots, please write to [email protected], and include the name of your school and the class(es) in which you'd like to pilot our program. 

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope to hear from you soon!