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Help WWB Campus Inspire More Young Readers: #InspireGlobalReaders

Posted on June 06, 2016

“What I like about reading literature from different countries is connection …you have to know about more than what’s right in front of your face.” – Lauren Patterson, LaGuardia Community College

What do you and your students like about reading international literature? How has WWB Campus helped you and your students make connections to other cultures?

Since 2014, we at Words Without Borders Campus have been working hard to bring exciting, contemporary international literature to young readers. With our collections of literature from Mexico, China, Egypt, and Japan, we have already reached more than 1,500 high school and college students in the United States and throughout the world. And, importantly, our site is totally free.

Now we are asking you, -- readers, educators, and even students – for help with a new crowd-funding campaign to spread awareness of WWB Campus and raise $15,000 to take our program to the next level.

(Watch the video on YouTube.)

We have great things planned for the next phase of WWB Campus, including doubling the number of students we reach, adding new features to the website, and introducing eye-opening literature from more countries (Russia, Iran, and West Africa are in the plans).

Here’s how you can help: 

  • Go to our Generosity page to make a donation in any amount 
  • Share the campaign with your friends and family on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #InspireGlobalReaders 
  • Reach out to the people in your network, telling them why you think it’s important for students to read more international literature

Will you help us #InspireGlobalReaders by supporting WWB Campus? We’re grateful for donations in any amount, and we’ll be showing our thanks with a range of unique gifts, from temporary tattoos to your name emblazoned on the next collection of WWB Campus literature.

Thank You, Gracias, Shukraan, Xièxiè!