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Translating Tang Poetry

Posted on October 15, 2015

We're pleased to share an excerpt from translators David Young and Jiann I. Lin's work on Du Mu on WWB Campus! Young and Lin translated "Poems for Parting," published on Campus and written by Du Mu in Yangzhou, China, in 835.  

Young and Lin have also published a book-length collection of translations of Du Mu's work, and are generously allowing us to publish several excerpts on WWB Campus. In these excerpts, we learn about  "Poems for Parting," Du Mu, and the process of translating ancient Chinese poetry. Young and Lin write:

That poetry can retain its freshness and force over such a time-span, not to mention in the face of considerable cultural and geographical obstacles, feels little short of miraculous. It suggests that there is indeed something in poetry that lasts and matters, as few other things do.

Read the excerpt here: Translators David Young and Jiann I. Lin on Du Mu

And find their book here: Out on the Autumn River: Selected Poems of Du Mu